“We‘ll draw blueprints / it must be easy /
it’s just a matter of when to say no or yes / … /
Nevermind what’s been selling / it’s what your’re buying /
and receiving undefiled”

Fugazi, ‘Blueprint’ (1990)


“Who builds and destroys /
never wastes time”

Folk Wisdom, Napoli

Dopolavoro is a very (not so) small and independent design and communication studio based in Napoli, Southern Italy. We have a great attitude to take into consideration each aspect of our works, from the smallest graphic detail to large scale applications and to production.

Gaining experience from the practice, in this years we acquired skills to manage  the different layers of project, in different fields. The Spoon has become web-design codes and The City is now metropolis, but we think is still possible to mantain the same approach regardless of the size of the project: thinking logically and systematically. For this reason – and need – we work as a hub, with a wide range of partners in Design, Research and Production, managing independently projects and manufacture.