Dopolavoro Studio
Mon 18 Sep 2023

Tutto resta®

It’s been over a year since we last posted anything in this news section.
It’s not that nothing’s been happening, but as usual, time is scarce and things just haven’t been floating along. Meanwhile, Naples is experiencing a surge in attention, both from tourists and the media. We know this is changing our relationship with the city, but we’re not sure how yet. One thing’s for sure, we’re staying put for now.
Hopefully, we’ll find some time soon to update the site with this year’s work.
Catch you later…

Wed 03 Aug 2022

Swim or… drink

Our office and the Store of Pressa will be open from the 5th to the 22nd of August, but only for diving or aperitifs.
In the meantime feel free to say hello at

Thu 09 Jun 2022

Monday…or later!

Since last November, time has moved fast. We have opened the new studio and, between one job and another, we are slowly getting organised.
The group has expanded and we have welcomed Michele and Greg, as well as having the pleasure of hosting Studio Brillante.
In the meantime, we have set up a project to print and sell art editions: it is called Pressa Dopolavoro and on Monday 13 June we will open the first exhibition to the public. Last but not least, we found the time to put online the store of Pressa and to update the artwork archive.
See you Monday… or later!

Sat 20 Nov 2021

Patching things up

Over the years, Dopolavoro moved many times. We have been happy gypsies, but also worked in the most uncomfortably places (and in the most uncomfortably ways) you can imagine.
Still fighting with Napoli and with all its limits, for our 11th Birthday we decided to gift us, finally, a place to call home for the long-term. With the sun and the Vesuvio in our face, and some debits on the back, our atelier will open its doors on 01.01.2022.

Wed 11 Nov 2020


This 2020 is going to end exactly as it started: in trouble.
We still don’t really want to communicate a lot or to be happy, also if we are doing our best to close the year with some great works. The only thing to say maybe is that we are grateful having the possibility of doing it.
While someone has left the team, we welcomed Francesco that is making a super really hard work cleaning and ordering our crazy archive of works. Lastly, with an effort of optimism, we will probably start the new year creating an independent publishing / side-project.
See you soon!

Fri 21 Feb 2020

Wasting time

Too much time from our last words, too much time working around, not so much time to update here.
On March we’ll see on Netflix our designs in “Ultras”, the first movie by Francesco Lettieri.
In the meantime you can see some works here.
Napoli Segreta Vol.2 is finally out for the pleasure of your eyes and ears: and it’s everything true. In the next months you’ll see around some of our other funny works. The studio is not comfortable as we expected, so maybe we’ll start finding another place to stay. Wasting time, as usual.

Mon 15 Apr 2019


We took some time fo ourselves and for our new year’s resolutions.
Start working in Social Media Business: done and thanks to MisteriX.
Start combining Branding and Business Developement to scale-up the possibilities of our work and for  our clients: done and thanks to Gennaro.
Find a new place: finally done, hoping this will be last move, at least for a while.
Thanks to all those who helped, supported and that have come to say hello to our new space, see you later alligator!

Thu 17 Jan 2019

Who builds and destroy…#2

never wastes time!

Dopolavoro is again in search for a new roof, we really don’t like to stay quite.
So, again, we are full of new year’s resolutions, especially to put this ceramic tiles on a wall…we’ll see.
In the meantime, we designed and set-up this booth x Eastpak @ Pitti Uomo 95 in Florence and a crazy set-up full of mirror effects x Marcelo Burlon x Eastpak @ , discovering in both cases a great attitude in combining material design with digital stuff.
Some other great challenges are on the way so… we’ll see what tomorrow brings!

Mon 08 Oct 2018

Concrete and Rust

First of all, we finally found and spent some time adding our latest works.
Marosi Festival in Stromboli has ended and we already started working on the winter edition that will be here in Napoli in Feb. 2019. Napoli Segreta is having great success and we are still having fun with this dream-team. We’ve also done two nice interior design projects together with il Rospo Serigrafia, and some other nice works you can now find in the Archive.

In May we had the pleasure to achieve the Eastpak Core Series campaign with a cartography project, and we are still happily designing some cool maps and windows.
Finally, while some works are still in the making and some are on the way to begin, the studio is almost ready. Breaking concrete and removing rust, we keep smiling.

Fri 01 Jun 2018

The wheel

!!! HOT NEWS !!!
In the end, Dopolavoro incredibly found a new incredible home (not kidding).

In the next two years we’ll be side by side with some old and new friends in a great and historical location.

Meanwhile the team is on the rise and Andrea has joined us as graphic designer and soon started to work on the new identity of Marosi Stromboli, a cool Performing arts festival.

Last but not least, we are just working on the archive and soon we’ll publish the latest works! Check back!


Tue 27 Mar 2018

Asteroid blues

Said before, this will be a year of change.
We have almost find a new home for dopolavoro, and in the meantime we have a lot of works on the run.
First of all, Auditorium Novecento Napoli. The place where it was born the first Italian music label and vinyl factory was closing. A group of friend decided to recover it in a new project, and handed to us the comunication project. You can support Auditorium Novecento here on >>> produzioni dal basso. 

Moreover, Eastpak gave us the opportunity to design a new european brand campaign; we are working on some new cool websites and design projects; we are getting in touch with a new big brand. See you space cowboy…


Wed 27 Dec 2017

New Year’s resolutions

End of the year, time for weighing things up.

We have just published in the archive some of our latest works, and while some news are in the making, we are welcoming Alessandro, that will help us with web design, and Roberta that will be the point of reference for content editing and digital marketing.

We believe that 2018 will be a year of changes and growth for Dopolavoro, and we will probably change (again) our location.
In the meantime, Merry crisis and a happy new fear!!!

Mon 02 Oct 2017

Who builds and destroys…

..never wastes time!
In this months of news-silence we builded and destroyed a lot.
Our partner Joseph moved to Berlin and in the meantime the crowfounding for Kaleydoskop is succesfully completed and the magazine is finally on-line. Several other new works are in development stage and you will find them in the archive soon.

Finally, we are adding a new skill to our portofolio: you’ll find about it when we’ll publish our first corporate type design!

Fri 30 Jun 2017

We have to do now

In June we had a lot going on.
While working on this manifesto for Comune di Napoli, we pulled off our fifth booth for Eastpak @ Pitti Immagine in Florence having, as usual, a lot of fun with our partners. Just after, Parasite2.0 invited us to Milan Arch Week to have a talk with other ten young italian practices about the young architect paradoxes.

In the meantime, we were working on Kaleydoskop branding and communication. They are now going on with a crowfounding campaign, you can support the project (and our work too) here on >>> produzionidalbasso.
Finally, online from today here’s the brand new website for our cool friend Diego Miedo.


Sat 27 May 2017

Radical Joseph

Starting from this month Dopolavoro has a new partner: Joseph Exposed.
Here’s taking a nap after a fight with some html/php/css codes. To console him you can write to g.esposito[at]

Plus, we are finishing some nice works like the brand new websites of Diego Miedo and Gardenet, and found some time to refresh our Archive with some older like Radical Islands.
In the end, on June we’ll be @ 92°Pitti Immagine with a cool booth for Eastpak, and soon we’ll publish other stuff we are working at the moment…check back again!

Sat 25 Mar 2017

Making it happen

We finally found a great place to stay, and become parteners of LAN.
From May this will be our new – beautiful – home.

In the meantime, we’ll spend most part of April travelling around Europe for the Deus x Woolrich Campaign by Go.lab Agency, for which, with the support of Zapoi, we designed and manufactured the VM set-ups and a stunning cafe-bar.

Sun 22 Jan 2017

So it starts 2017!

This year is started with some nice works and lots of New Year’s resolutions!
Our first set-up of 2017 for Eastpak has been a fun challange, and other nice works are about to see the light.
On January the 27 we’ll present in Napoli this really funny project we started in August 2014.

While working on of all this cool stuff dopolavoro is in search of a new office, in the verge of having a new structure, and we are hiring for someone to help us too
One of the best beginning ever! 🙂

Thu 08 Dec 2016

Hello world!

Welcome to our new website!
Among the many things we love, surely we can mention the Archives.
The new design (we own it to Experimental Jetset) reflects our need to order different kinds of works and projects in a very simple and clear layout.
The Archive is still in the making, so please come back to see what’s new.