Dopolavoro Studio

A portrait of everyone, everywhere.

Dec 2020

In December 2019 Daniele Sigalot asked us to design the signage for an installation that he would do shortly thereafter in Malpensa Airport T1, Milan. From that moment to the inauguration in November, we dealt with a pandemic and you know, when there is a pandemic you absolutely have to change titles and logo position (usually make them bigger), redefine texts,  sometimes even replace the cities you have decided to engrave on three square meters aluminium plates.
Thankfully, the pandemic has slowed down just a little bit and Daniele was able to install (not inaugurate) this spectacular exhibition. For us it has been a pleasure, an honor and a great opportunity to work again with maps, mixing twelve cities in a huge mash-up.

Thanks to Daniele, Magistris & Wetzel and WEM.
No borders, no nations. l|l|