Dopolavoro Studio

EA Playground @ Favorit Zurich

Dec 2017

At the end of 2017 we added 4.400 km to the logbook and moved to Zurich to set up this installation. The request was to design a flexible pop-up shop that could be used for different kind of events organized by North Communication, both during the day and night. Special thanks go to for their great attitude and help.

 Condition of the site

The place did not seem to have any particular vocation in terms of style and mood. It was more a mix of different styles. Outside there was an electric Orange and blue sign. In the first room we had an industrial flooring, a persian carpet, Chesterfield sofas, wooden boiserie and an aluminium trellis. In the second room the style was totally different and nearest to the end of 20th century, but near to a yellow counter, stools and shelf, there was a floreal curtain, a mirror with a baroque frame, a modern sofa from Le Corbusier, and same wooden boiserie and trellis of the first room.


What we wanted was to design and build up a temporary store that can be spatially flexible during the in-store activities, with a strong and impressive identity, far from the existing chaos.



In the variety of existing moods, we found in the post-industrial/vintage mood a starting point.
Starting from the flooring, we identified seven different patterns to generate in the first room a moving installation used not only to show products, but to generate different spatial combinations.
This materic surfaces blow up then on all vertical and horizontal surfaces, throwhing up unity and identity.


Using Gold, Copper, Bronze, Concrete, Corten, Light and Dark wood finishing, we covered all the existing and new surfaces. The new countertop and the new shelf, window plinths as well as frames with Eastpak campaign images have been treated with same materic patterns of first room installation.