Dopolavoro Studio

EDI Global Forum – Napoli 2022

Oct 2022

The first edition of the EDI Global Forum for Education and Integration 2022 international event took place in Naples from 11 to 14 October 2022.
More than 150 art education professionals, 12 locations and an intesive 4-day program of activities, divided into keynote speeches with leading professionals from multidisciplinary fields outside the arts, workshops, co-working activities, roundtable discussions and social events, where participants delved into 5 themes compelling principals in today’s institutions: Accessibility, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Arts & Wellness, and Institutional Structure.

Starting from the identity designed for the Forum during the pandemic back in 2020, we finally had the pleasure of being able to accompany this project by designing its communication and materials.

Thanks so much to everyone involved, especially to all the @fondazionemorragreco organizers.
Moreover, special thanks to @beystudio for the great social communication work.