Dopolavoro Studio

Let me tell you

Apr 2021

Let me tell you … what do you want me to tell you?
It’s an empty book and if you find something inside it will hit you hard in the face. Like a flower.

Let Me Tell You is a visual, delicate and silent tale.
An intimate journey into the past and present, to be undertaken calmly, page after page, look after look.

Let Me Tell You has been designed so that the reader can live a real experience, starting from the cover. Manufactured in edition of 60, Let me tell you it’s vailable in four variants, with flowers of different types and colors as well as the edge of the cover, details that make each book unique. Inside, you’ll find 100% cotton and recycled paper that capture the sight and the touch with its porous and rough texture.

Let me tell you is a project, by Valentina Argìa Socievole, curated by Roberta Fuorvia.