Dopolavoro Studio

Phlegraea bookstore

Sep 2021

Say it with a book, but say it in Puteolano!
In 2021 those good folks at @phlegraea.socialbookbar called us to give name and identity to the project of that epic enterprise that is an independent bookstore, down the Rione Terra, in the heart of Pozzuoli.
A social space aimed primarily at citizens, dedicated to cultural growth, inclusive and easily accessible.
We are delighted that, in its first two years of life, Phlegraeă has become a landmark in the panorama and cultural offerings of the Phlegraean Fields.
And in spite of the fact that Alessandro, Francesco and Luca continue, with naive and tender insolence, to mistreat the brand manual we have created (and to do us real harm), we continue to love them very much and to support their project as much as we can.
If you pass by to visit them (you should), looking at the sign inside, stop, give them a caress and say: this is Dopolavoro’s caress.