Dopolavoro Studio

Toil S.p.A.

Jan 2023

More than a year ago, we were assigned the task of carrying out a re-branding project for Toil Spa, a company specialising in services and the management of petrol stations.
As is our custom, we used our famous gentle touch to work on a project that, especially in the early stages, presented us with quite a few challenges and pitfalls.
The need to enrich the brand with a visual identity system that was highly recognisable and totally different from its competitors was the occasion to ask ourselves: what do motorists look at when they drive and how could we get them to notice us?
The choice fell on those basic graphic elements of road signs that we all know, an abacus of acquired behaviour but also of basic geometric shapes.
The result is a vast visual identity project that in recent months is taking shape in a multiplicity of outputs.
While posting this work (January 2023), we are at work on the design of new fuel facilities and the website, as well as an innovative payment system.
We will update this post further…