Dopolavoro Studio

VERSO x Campi Deantera

Mar 2023

Over the past year, we have discovered so much about the world of wine.
Designing the brand identity and labels of Campi Deantera, we have discovered, for example, that Primitivo wine tastes best when, in the month before the harvest, the Tramontana wind blows mainly from the north and dries the grapes, concentrating their flavour.

Using data made available by the Apulia Region’s Civil Defence, VERSO‘s label depicts precisely the course and intensity of the winds on the winery’s fields in August of the relevant year.

While we are still trying to find some time to publish the entire work, you can take a look to the Campi Deantera Website and Instagram

The photos you see here and there are by absolute idol Piero Percoco.
Heartfelt thanks go to Alessio, Mauro and Antonello for involving us in this project.