Dopolavoro Studio

WEM Empowering art platform

Dec 2021

Parallel to the restyling of Magistris & Wetzel for their 70th anniversary, more than one year ago we started the work on WEM Empowering Art Platform brand identity and image.
Founded in 2021 with the aim of supporting contemporary artists in their journey through a circular vision of the art market, WEM promotes and spread their work, creating increasingly ambitious exhibitions in museums and international cultural institutions.
We worked with them to design a brand that could be understood as an evolution of our first restyling, just as WEM represents an evolution – and a revolution – in the system. The logotype tells the origin of the company, but it is also concevied to be a flexible container, housing the work of represented artists.
For this small but bold art gallery we designed – and we’re still designing catalogues, invites, packagings and bonus: this great website.